Message From The Arcturian Collective ~ Be A Waterfall of Love ~ November 8, 2018


By Galaxygirl

Greetings friends, enlightened masters. We are the Arcturian Collective. And we wish to enwrap you within our arms in a glorious balm of love at this precious Now moment. Feel the love and light pulsating all around you. Feel it under your feet as Gaia send up love waves to you. Feel it within your form as your Kundalini expands and contracts. Feel it as the sylphs tease your hair and as the wind blows away any remaining anxieties. That is a glimpse of the higher dimensional environment that you are stepping into at this Now moment, friends. Pull these energies to you may we suggest, and in so doing, your hearts and your forms will be made ever lighter, ever more glorious and ever more at peace.

Peace we send you this day. For your world is in desperate need of it, but we see this as…

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Auteur : leresidue

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