The car battery.

The car battery.

In an automotive battery, there is a cathode and a lead anode attached to a container containing sulphuric acid. The anode and cathode are soaked in acid, and a chemical reaction allows an electrical voltage between the anode and cathode. If the voltage becomes too low, the battery can be « recharged » by passing a reverse current. In fact, this reverse current produces the reverse chemical reaction, which allows the anode and cathode to regain their functional state. But this inversion cannot be done indefinitely, and sometimes it becomes necessary to change the battery. But if, for one reason or another, you cannot change the battery, then it is possible to play with the pH of the acid, either by diluting it, or by fortifying it, to find a functional battery.

In our society, there are the very poor and the very rich. In the middle is the « mass », those who work, produce, pay their taxes, and make the « system » work. Society, with its rules and laws, its culture are folklore and its institutions, is a medium, or a container if you will, to allow almost everyone to function, to work, while the poor get poorer, and the rich get richer. So, with this system that works as a container, and both ends of the spectrum of wealth, we can say that society stores human potential, in the same way that the car battery stores electrical potential.

Sometimes, when there is no great difference between rich and poor, human potential is difficult to exploit. At other times, human potential is limited by collective comfort, which makes members of society functional, resistant to change. So, to make the societal battery functional again, it must either be recharged by increasing the gap between the poor and the rich, or by diluting or strengthening diversity in the working population.

Our society is currently in a state where human potential is difficult to exploit. So our governments perform surgeries so that the poor get poorer while the rich get richer. But that’s not enough. So some globalist factions allow themselves to play with the « pH » of society. That is why, in recent years, we have seen massive immigration to Europe and, more recently, to Canada.

But what would happen if we just replaced the battery?

Then, first, there will be no society, it will be everyone for himself. Then some people will pool their resources to better survive. Other people will follow them. In these communities there will certainly be members who will contribute more than others. And then it gets interesting. The members who contribute the most will try to make others more productive. But since there will always be members who contribute less than others, these poor people will serve as an excuse for others not to contribute more. So to allow these communities to move forward in their system, other communities will have to be assimilated. Sometimes there will be wars. The strongest, or most vicious, communities will grow at the expense of other communities until they are back where they started, which is where the world is now.

So what do we do?

Take yourself in hand, be your own personal micro-society. Share your surplus with others, but keep your most valuable resources to yourself. Stop depending on big structures to allow you to live, stop believing that you have to « earn your living ». Politicians, banks and the folk customs of society are not really part of your identity. Either you understand this message or you continue to believe that the system must be powered. So in the latter case, I regret to say, you are part of the problem.

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