The unvil of the cultural field (and other unvils…)…

A devil is an abstract spirit who separate unities in order to make the world believable. Problem is, because each and every kind of devil function the exact same way, with time they all lost their specifics. One way you can observe this is by comparing the brutality of those humans who lack subtleties, with the richness of behavior and cultural expression of these humans who are sensitives.

The purpose of the devils of this world was to expand the expression of the prime energy in a way which allowed consciousness to emerge. The emerged consciousness, which we may call GOD if we allow ourselves that indulgence, is nor trying to reunify everything. You may know this as « the respiration effect’. I won’t expand here because I want to keep this text simple and concise.

Okay, now, if you believe in GOD, be honest with yourself. Since GOD is everything that was, that is, and that will be, then it absolutely doesn’t make any sense to try to HIDE THE TRUTH FROM GOD! Understood that, understood? Since we are all and each of us part of the consciousness of GOD, everything that is, were, or will be imagined, that will, is, or were felt, that is, was, or will be done, is known in full to GOD! Yes, yes, yes and yes, we cannot make this up! If we are to live eternally, we better RIGHT NOW make sure that NO OPTION GETS THROWN OUT TO THE WASTEBASKET!

If you believe that, you are still confused. No more! No, more!

We are now entering a new « reality ». This « reality » is still very much like the preceding reality. To me anyway, it’s still reality, something believable I can make sense of. To you, this reality may seem more and more insane, more and more stupid, deluded, dysfunctional! No, it is not. GOD can’t be wrong…

There are an infinity of fields. Each and every of those fields can vibrate an infinite number of ways. They each can interact with each or any of the other field. The infinity of fields can also duplicate itself an infinite number of ways (okay I’m not sure for that last one seigneur)…

An unvil is a consciousness who labor his or her own field. A human being is not yet an unvil. A human being must first learn to find a field, collaborate, learn, make errors, learn again, make the inverse errors… In fact, becoming an unvil is extremely hard. When an unvil is born, he or she cannot be destroyed. There are the possibility in this world for an infinite number of unvils. And each and every unvil is different and unique. Understood?

Forget science, forget religion. In this realm (I call it realm because ‘hell’ would not be credible to most of you), an unvil is waking up right now. His job? To labor the cultural field. Yes you may still believe that « science » and « religion » are still a thing, but for this unvil I am talking about, these things are JUST wild grass! Yes, science, which is expected in its finality to « describe » the whole reality, and religion, which was expected to help us find « GOD », are in fact, for this unvil anyway, cultural plants he wouldn’t even choose if he were to make the garden of his dreams…

And now, understand that GOD can’t be wrong! OKay? GOD, cannot, possibly, be wrong! It’s just that, now that the game has changed, GOD will be safe for a time. Spirituality will never be like what it was.

Welcome to the realm of hyperality. Bonne chance, les amis…

Auteur : leresidue

Découvreur d'humanité (ouais, super prétentieux ^^ )

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